Niki Richardson, Director of Development, Legal Aid Foundation of Santa Barbara County

Kathy Wertheim is the commensurate professional. We brought her on board as a consultant with the expectation that she would give us the tools we needed to launch a major gifts program; something we didn’t have in place, but sorely needed to offset shrinking grant dollars. She gave us that and so much more.

Kathy has a depth of knowledge about fundraising that can only come with experience and passion for the field. She is extremely thorough and leaves no bases uncovered in her explanations and processes. Her teaching style is storytelling – making it really easy to absorb all that she has to impart! She has an easy going attitude that puts others around her quickly at ease. She did a Board Retreat which was very well received by our seasoned board members.

The fundraiser itself exceeded our wildest (and hers) expectations! With Kathy paying attention to the minutiae, it was easy for me to focus on big picture. She worked with our cadre of volunteers with respect and ease and brought out the best in them. Her appreciation of them was evident in the correspondence she had with them and we even had volunteers comment on how they appreciated her appreciation! For as many moving parts as this event had and for the fact that we pulled it off in 3 months just makes it that much more exciting that we exceeded our (her) projection by 100%!

Personally Kathy has impacted me, providing invaluable knowledge and training that will hold me in good stead for the rest of my professional life.

Thank you Kathy! It was an amazing experience working with you. I have not only gained knowledge, but also a truly wonderful friend!


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